why? why show WARN in ./nodebb setup

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    You can't install NodeBB through FTP.

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    The 1.4.1 update seems to have fixed the issue for me. More testing this evening. Thanks.

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    Will offer my way of fixing.. probably something went wrong in the themes, aside from css, probably version mismatches with the core nodebb version your using. The below will revert to working vanilla and lavender theme versions that match w/ your core nodebb install version. (probably need to stick with whatever theme versions it reinstalls, because I've always had problems w/ updating themes, I don't upgrade them anymore) Stick with what came with the nodebb install originally. This will revert back to originals:

    ./nodebb stop (close nodebb) npm uninstall nodebb-theme-lavender npm uninstall nodebb-theme-vanilla npm install nodebb-theme-vanilla npm install nodebb-theme-lavender

    ./nodebb start. try avoid editing too much .less and .tpl in the theme files and stick as much as possible in the Custom css area in your ACP

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    Is there any way to make this widget show recent posts not only from the current category but from all subcategories within it as well?

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    @trevor said:

    I can't wait to see what you have planned for that @psychobunny

    yeah me too 😛 personal goal of mine is to get a NodeBB port of that off the ground. I was just looking around the net for a phpbb forum that still uses RPG system. Gaia Online got off phpbb and ran their own thing eventually so they don't count anymore. One of my old friends catghost is still amazingly running her community today, and this is easily 10 years old...

    Midorea - View topic - New Gold Items!



    Unfortunately she has her forum locked down so you'd have to register to actually play around. I have to admit that her forum home page was an inspiration for our multi column homepage layout. Was a totally new concept back then... everybody other forum software has by default a single column layout for their home page.

    As for the plugin... In a nutshell you earn money from posting in forums and/or battling monsters or other forum users, and then you buy equipment and dress up your avatar. Equip these items and defeat others in battle, join guilds, explore zones (everything including maps configurable in the ACP). Gain raw materials from activities like fishing, mining, and then craft items with skills like blacksmithing and enchanting. For the casual user they're usually happy enough gaining gold and xp from posting but the real gamification comes from users battling each other.

    All in all an amazing plugin in its day and I can't wait to see a modern NodeBB version of this. In fact, if anybody has any PHP experience and is interested in helping me port over the code, I'd love to talk to you 😛