Database storage location for old version of NodeBB (1.0.2)

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  • Hi folks. Doing a bit of recon here and could use some help.

    I have a very old version of NodeBB on one of my servers. Version is 1.0.2. The forum wasn't active, so there's no downtime urgency, but I do want to get the data stored for the forum.

    The Linux box had a fit and won't boot anymore. I can only access it from a recovery ISO. Seemingly, mongodump is available, but I can't start the service since it hasn't booted with systemd.

    My best bet is thinking I can try to find where the database is stored on disk and copy that out. For MySQL, I think it was `/var/lib/mysql``, but I'm unsure of the Mongo equivalent, or if NodeBB may store it elsewhere.


  • @mstan — sorry that you haven't received a response.

    NodeBB doesn't save the Mongo database anywhere specific on the file system, it would be wherever the insulted MongoDB install saves it's data.

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    @sinisterspatula Probably, yes.

    The thing is, we don't interface with MongoDB directly. We use an abstraction layer, and so if your database of choice supports all of the commands we throw at it (you can see the abstraction layer methods in src/database/*), then NodeBB can theoretically support it.

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    Does this sso-wordpress plugin works only with the sites on the or it will work with a wordpress websties hosted on my own server.

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    there was a problem with old plugins.
    For the future I wold suggest to list all active used plugins.
    Then disabling all of them and the update the forum.
    If eveything is ok, update the plugins step by step to see if something goes wrong.

    Thanks for yopur help. 👍
    In the future I have to read the error messages more carefully.
    The "bad" plugins were mentioned there 😉

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    @duke said in How do I configure NodeBB setup for Google Cloud VM?:

    If you cannot answer these questions yourself then I suggest you install virtualbox on your local machine and get nodebb working locally but following the docs below. Once you are successful with this, you will have learned alot and can then try and deploy on Google infrastructure.

    I know you want to deploy straight to production but my way will be quicker in the long run. The next question you will have will be regarding NGINX and how to get it running on port 80. The answers to all your questions are in the docs. The docs are very easy to follow.

    Ubuntu (Recommended) - NodeBB Documentation



    I can create the website by using IP but the connection is refused by google's internal IP
    (127 is a local ip, you need to provide your internet IP here)

    "url": "I typed here my domain which is connected to Google's external IP",
    "secret": "the key",
    "database": "mongo",
    "mongo": {
    "host": "Google's internal IP", (should be
    "port": "I couldnt find this out?", (4567)
    "username": "Is this the nodebb user or the user I created for admin database?", (nodebb user)
    "password": "Password", (mongo password for Nodebb database)
    "database": "nodebb"

    Done 🙂

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    Your url value in config.json has to be the url at which you access your forum