Database storage location for old version of NodeBB (1.0.2)

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  • Hi folks. Doing a bit of recon here and could use some help.

    I have a very old version of NodeBB on one of my servers. Version is 1.0.2. The forum wasn't active, so there's no downtime urgency, but I do want to get the data stored for the forum.

    The Linux box had a fit and won't boot anymore. I can only access it from a recovery ISO. Seemingly, mongodump is available, but I can't start the service since it hasn't booted with systemd.

    My best bet is thinking I can try to find where the database is stored on disk and copy that out. For MySQL, I think it was `/var/lib/mysql``, but I'm unsure of the Mongo equivalent, or if NodeBB may store it elsewhere.


  • @mstan — sorry that you haven't received a response.

    NodeBB doesn't save the Mongo database anywhere specific on the file system, it would be wherever the insulted MongoDB install saves it's data.

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