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  • Posting this issue again on the forum since it's not the latest version of NodeBB anymore and I'm not sure if it's actually a bug or not.

    We're currently trying to upgrade our forum from vBulletin 4 to NodeBB. We're trying to make use of this migration plugin ( which requires an initial version of NodeBB v1.12.1. The plugin works as intended, but our forum has over 100GB of data that needs to be migrated. As you can imagine, this process will take quite a while to finish. The issue we're encountering is with the admin timeout on NodeBB, which causes the plugin to stop working when it occurs.

    We have tried disabling the timeout through the ACP as suggested, but it had no effect. We rebuilt and restarted NodeBB after making the changes but there was no difference. We also tried staying active on the page or refreshing the page periodically, but the timeout was still occuring. We're out of ideas on how to get around the timeout issue which forces the admin logout, which in turn stops the plugin from completing the migration.

    Would appreciate a solution that details how to actually disable the timeout, if possible. Again, the issue we are facing is not with the plugin as it works as intended. The NodeBB timeout causing the logout is just interrupting it. We're unsure of what portion of the code we should go into to manually disable this as a temporary workaround.


  • Two things you can try

    1. Comment out
    2. Add a true to this if block so it doesn't logout the admin automatically

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