Is there any nodebb plugin to remove meta data of posts?

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  • Spam protection plugin

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    I've had great luck with Spam Be Gone and Captcha's with keeping spammers out of my old site running on SMF. The initial problem though was weeding out all of the spammers that had signed up before I implemented it. I probably manually deleted 2000+ accounts. After that was taken care of, I never found a need to look at individual posts automatically. The ones that slipped through were flagged by users or a moderator deleted it and the associated account.

    The Spam Be Gone plugin prevented over 130,000 spammers from creating accounts in the 4+ years that I used it. It was very effective. I did try Akismet for awhile, but got sick of paying for it. I didn't notice any reduced functionality when I got rid of it.

    I would try Spam Be Gone, use Google's v3 captcha ("I'm not a robot." checkbox), and then make some of your trusted active users into moderators with the ability to delete posts/topics/accounts.

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    Thank you for the hard work on this one

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    redactor composer javascript is almost a year out of date, will they update it?

  • Template topics plugin

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    Hi there!

    I was wondering if there is already a plugin that provides a template for new topics in a certain category, something similar to what Github implemented recently for the issues and PRs. I've been searching but didn't find anything. I'm aware of @julian 's canned responses plugin but it's a bit different from what I need. The template for the category should be provided by the administrator rather than the users themselves. It could also work if canned responses support templates for groups, not only for users, but I think this is not the case.

    I'd like to have a "tutorials" section in my NodeBB where we always follow the same structure. I think this could be helpful for many other situations like reporting issues, etc.

    Is there anything like this?

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    They're added manually at the moment (or the list is refreshed manually, I should say.

    One of the first things I'll do is automate that so it is refreshed on a schedule.