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  • Every once in a while I take a look at "users" to see who's new. The other day I noted a disconnect between the number of posts reported by user top posters and the profile views. For e.g., here is me on users page:


    And here's my total posts as reported by my profile page:


    WTF? Now they agree. Just moments ago my profile page reported something like 483?

    Ah, Geronimo, here ya' go:


    The difference 'twixt the last two screenshots is that the first I am logged in whilst on the second I am not. Heh, maybe this is a feature to confound the bots? (I joke) Or maybe my uBlock is blocking one of the increasingly many third party scripts? 🤔

    Well, lets' find out. Be right back. 😉

    Nope. I get same result with all of my browser plugins disabled. This is on FF v95.02, 64bit, fwiw.

  • @gotwf

    Perhaps it's a permission issues. Logged out they are not counted. Only what is publicly viewable is counted and displayed.

    So you have a secret life eh! 😉

  • Well, this seems to have slipped through the cracks. Trivial as it is consequences wise. I would, however, appreciate some confirmation that I am not high on crack so it remains a curiosity to me. 🤔

    How to repeat:

    1. Clear your browser cache.
    2. Check your post count under both profile and users page.
    3. Clear your browser cache.
    4. Repeat step #2.

    What do you observe, eh?

    fwiw; I have tested on FF, sans any plugins/add-ons, both under Unix and Winwoes 10 and the result is the same. Hmm... there's probably an "Edge" browser on that lappie so I ought to test that as well. Yeah, same results w/Edge. 🐕

  • It is different because guests don't have access to the private categories that you posted in.

  • @baris Ugh, duh! And coincidentally all the other users I checked were in the same boat. Thanks for the clue bat.

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