What is category topic highlist code?

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  • What is the CSS code for ... ?

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    The third:

    .category .category-item.highlight, .topic .topic-item.highlight {}

    Hope it's would be helpful for others.

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    In nodebb privileges section we can add the group for a particular category

    so, Is there any api to get those category list which is having a particular group.

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    Thanks so much, that has worked and I can now post new topics and replies.

    However I now have another issue but I think it's unrelated so will start a new thread.

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    I'm writing a bot that GETs a specific post from a category on my forum, and this category is only accessable by admins. Only problem is, GETting that post always returns a 401 Not Authorized response, because it's not open to users.

    I've tried using auth=(username, password), Authorization: Bearer, even sending it in the GET params, but they all just return 401.

    Any way of doing this?

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    Does anyone know how I'd go about doing this on the home page in the category list? I'm not much of a fan of the recent posts.

    I've tried using <!-- IF @first --> to get the last updated post/topic but it still shows them all.

    Thanks, Ben.

    Edit, the following code shows first for each post, meaning @first isn't working for some reason (Opened up an issue😞

    <!-- BEGIN posts --> <!-- IF @first --> first <!-- ENDIF @first --> <!-- END posts -->