Unsolved Anyone has any idea how to use nodebb-plugin-import-users-csv plugin?

  • Github for that plugin is dead, as well as official site... I just need to bulk import users from csv, that's all.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @pyc4 can you provide the CSV header (the first line, basically)?

    We can probably write a user script to do this quickly.

  • @julian

    Sure I can provide, thanks a lot!

    Don't know what data is available for users in NodeBB, but I need this ones I can get from IPBoard:

    probably you already have these fields:
    email (string)
    username (string)
    password (string)
    avatar (buffer)

    Inserting of some custom fields, is it supported, maybe?

    probably these could be some additional cusom fields:
    user_level (string) - probably this can be some custom field?
    custom user_id (integer)

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