Does NodeBB install well on Ubuntu 21.04?

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    @PitaJ said in Private Git for install plugins:

    @Joykiller there's no easy way to keep the links with npm, but yarn is better at not killing them.

    Ah ok, well ill put up with it. Till I write some bash that checks to make sure the links there or something and if not replaces it after some trigger. I'll look into it later.

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    i read in another post ( ) that you should be able to use node v6. Since i did not find anything related to which version some should use.

    The current Dockerfile suggest using v4 but the file was updated long time ago.

    The docs also do not really say which version some should use (at least i didnt find it here: Since the docs are mentioning wheezy i suspect they are outdated too.

    I would suspect using v6 would be fine since this is the latest LTS now. Which version should is use?

    Best wishes,

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    Ok. Looks like it was because of a incompatible plugin. The plugin in my case was nodebb-plugin-reddcoin . Its fixed now. Though i can't use the reddcoin plugin. Was a nice plugin 👍

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    I have attempted to install the emailer-mailgun plugin and end up with an error. When I install from the ACP an ENOENT, open error is displayed, momentarily, referencing a path in the plugin that does not exist. The path error is:

    Error ENOENT, open '/path to my installation/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-emailer-mailgun/node_modules/mailgun-js/node_modules/form-data/node_modules/mime/package.json'

    The form-data directory is not there.

    I am running Nodebb v0.9.3 and the emailer-mailgun plugin is reporting itself as version 1.0.0.

    Has anyone else run into this problem and is there a work around to resolve the problem?

    Thank you.

    Edit: This is a low priority issue. I installed the nodebb-plugin-emailer-local-bobo plugin and was able to configure it to use Mailgun just fine. I am using the SMTP settings as opposed to the API call but that is fine for my usage.

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    On a $5 DigitalOcean droplet, we've seen the forum handle loads up to 300-400 concurrent users just fine, and this is on a single CPU!!

    Any more and you should probably get more cores, move your db to its own server, or scale horizontally