What will happen to RTS games after the advent of holographic gaming systems?

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  • Let's get some random discussion going on...

    Let's say within the next 50 years, holographic technology is perfected. Truly immersive gaming is now possible, FPS and RPG gamers rejoice. Think of your Call of Duty players, Skyrim, etc.

    What happens to those humble RTS gamers (Age of Empires, Civilization, etc...) will they be forever relegated to using a clunky old monitor/keyboard/mouse?

    If RTS games were to make it in a holographic format, what would even look like? God-mode style hovering over a battlefield, with floating controls? That'd certainly look nice, but you'd sacrifice the ability to micro in exchange for aesthetics, and I think that's something a lot of hardcore players wouldn't want.

  • @julian Sorry, mon! I do not game. Spend too much time behind a 'puter as is so prefer recreation that encourages me to get up off my arse!

    Seems like an interesting topic for some thought food discussion and with all these gamers using NodeBB I am surprised this has not gotten any traction.

    Otherwise... way, way bitd... early days of lasers, we did some cool cutting edge holographic stuff in physics lab - but if you don't use it you loose it and I've definitely lost it! 😜

    So I'll happily oblige with a lil' bump... πŸ• πŸ‘

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