grunt "ad-hoc compilation" for multiple instance installation?

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    Re: Plugin development 2021 updated - environment and dev workflow - request

    I noticed grunt only working with a single instance (port number). I tried swapping in the multiple-instance target with no luck. Is there an easy way to "upgrade" grunt to make it work with multiple instances?

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    I understand wanting to have as close to production as possible but I don't think running multiple instances is ever useful when working on the client side. I can't think of any cases where multiple instances would make a difference for client-side code.

    Restarting the server could be useful but you don't gain much from grunt there.

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    @pitaj It's an issue of preference I guess. I'd like to avoid grunt being a dev tool forcing me to deviate from my integrations needs. If grunt would support multiple instances, it would be great and I'd use it. Else I'd stick with the current big hammer method of always recompiling unconditionally and restarting nodebb afterwards. Accepting the additional penalty of nginx rev proxy streaming timeouts. Not elegant but it works.

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