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    I`a member of a forum relying on nodeBB and would like to save/export some chat discussions I had.
    Is there a way to do that ? The discussion is very long and was done on several months so a simple copy paste is not possible and even load the full discussion is very very long.
    At this time I didn't spent sufficient time to go back to make it fully loaded that's why I ask if there is a technical solution to do that in a smarter way
    Thanks by advance

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    follow with the infinite guest, nobody ends, the chat became unusable


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    yes, ban a user from a specific category or thread.

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    I had this problem going from v0.9.4 -> v1.0.0 and now still have it going from v0.9.4 -> v1.0.1 but now I have additional information about it. See here for my original post.

    The tl;dr is

    $ ./nodebb upgrade 1. Bringing base dependencies up to date... OK 2. Checking installed plugins for updates... OK 3. Updating NodeBB data store schema... 18/3 15:15 [1511] - info: Beginning database schema update 18/3 15:15 [1511] - info: [2015/09/30] Converting default Gravatar image to default User Avatar skipped 18/3 15:15 [1511] - info: [2015/11/06] Gravatar removal skipped 18/3 15:15 [1511] - info: [2015/12/15] Upgrading chats 18/3 15:15 [1511] - info: adding message 1 to new roomID 1 18/3 15:15 [1511] - info: adding message 2 to existing roomID 2 18/3 15:15 [1511] - info: adding message 3 to existing roomID 2 18/3 15:15 [1511] - info: adding message 4 to new roomID 2 18/3 15:15 [1511] - info: adding message 5 to new roomID 3 18/3 15:15 [1511] - error: [upgrade] Errors were encountered while updating the NodeBB schema: ERR value is not a valid float OK NodeBB Upgrade Complete!

    Before deleting the "message:x" keys from my redis database (to attempt the upgrade again) I noticed that message:5 was different than the other message keys. Specifically it seems the upgrader is choking on message:5

    "Bad" Message 5 key:

    "Good" message key:

    So it appears that the NodeBB upgrader does not like messages that do not have a touid or fromuid or possibly timestamp information. Should this be reported as a bug?

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    How can I do?