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  • Install Issue Centos 7

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    @PitaJ Thanks, misread that step. Got it working now.

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    So finally the error is gone.

    I added this environment variable to my Openshift proyect:
    LD_PRELOAD = '/opt/app/node_modules/sharp/vendor/lib/libz.so'

    This is the url to sharp inside my node_modules.

    When I opened the terminal I get and error saying that it can't be preloaded but after installing all dependencies the error is gone, and I could upload images!!!

    Thank you very much @PitaJ !!!!

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    What version of NodeBB and where did you place the custom javascript code?

    Maybe try

    <script> $(window).on('action:ajaxify.end', function(){ if (ajaxify.data && ajaxify.data.cid && parseInt(ajaxify.data.cid, 10) === 1) { <!-- insert html image--> } else { <!-- remove html image --> } }); </script>

    Put some console.logs in there to make sure the expected code is being executed.

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    Hi @PitaJ,

    I'm still having an issue with NodeBB not being about to find a profile picture I set up on my (admin) profile. It happens on Firefox or Chrome. It's hard to discern a pattern--why some actions cause the browser not to be able to load the image, while the other still can.

    Any other suggestions?


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    I disabled websocket support in config.js

    "socket.io": { "transports": ["polling"] }

    And the board is back again.
    This is ok for me, since websockets never worked with the proxy setup...