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  • I was going to post this in "Feature Requests" but then I noted during my search for "reader view" that I did indeed have the reader view icon now available. So I thought maybe a new feature w/the latest and greatest newest version but as I browsed about community I noted that sometimes it was available while others not. Some threads provide the option, others not. I thought maybe NodeBB devs were being slick and correlated it w/thread length/post count or some such but there does not seem to be the case. The only place it consistently seems to be available is search page results.

    I use Firefox. Admittedly my browser config is non standard but I'd mentioned this to a Safari user a few days back and reader view is absent from their browser as well.

    Presuming I am not having a brain dead moment Reader View would be a dandy feature to have available where appropriate. If I am having a brain dead moment, clue bats appreciated. 🔎 🦇 🐕

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