Issues with registration process

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  • This morning I conducted a test registration to see what the user experience might be like. Note that I am using the registration queue.

    I completed the test registration with a unique username and an alternate email address that I own.


    1. After hitting submit, I was returned to the forum's home page without any explanation or confirmation of what had transpired - quite disorienting.
    2. When I attempted to login before the registration was approved, the only message displayed was "Invalid login credentials"
    3. No email was sent to my email account until after the registration was approved.
    4. Throughout the process I never saw the "Average time it takes to approve a new user" even though I have selected the option in the forum settings to "Show users average time it takes to approve a new user".
    5. In the registration queue, the username appeared with a red X. What could that indicate?

    My primary concern here is that I would feel totally in the dark about what happened to my attempt to register until the registration was eventually approved. There is no indication anywhere during the application process that I would have to wait for approval nor any indication of how long that might take.

  • There was a bug that was causing the messaging to now show up when someone was added to the queue. Thanks for reporting.

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