How do I interpret the registration queue?

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  • I have recently started using the registration queue. I am struggling to interpret what some of the red x's and green checks mean. Registration queue.png

    What is the difference between a name with a red X (ex. stockpeter55) and a name with a green check (ex. universitycancer)?

    What is the difference between an IP with a red X vs those with a green check?

    In the case of "ykugac" (see bottom of photo) there is no email at all. Sometimes the no-email has a red X and sometimes it has a green check. How can a no-email be verified?

    Thanks for reading. Please advise.

  • I contacted NodeBB directly via email and this was the reply:

    "The red x near the username, email and ip means that particular value has been seen in the stopforumspam's database. This indicates that particular user might be a spammer. For example if all 3 are red it's likely this is spam user. A green checkmark means the value isn't in stopforumspam's database."

    This seems like a very useful aspect of the registration queue. I wish that this system was also applied to the main user list.

  • @zandertrek Well, I think the big win here is to stop them before they register. Afterwards is a bit late in the game, no?

    Another boon to registration queue is ... I currently have a current registered user. And three additional attempts to register again under different email addresses, i.e. sock puppet/troll accounts, from same IP address. Maybe I should okay those? Ya' think? Naw... sorry charlie. 😉

    There are several nice "knobs" to tweak in NodeBB, which, cumulatively, make a fairly nice layered onion. That this stuff is modular is a boon to admins: we can pick and choose what is most appropriate for our site. One size fits all approaches suck.

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