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  • also, im confused, it seems as @Freelancer has made progress, but @NodeHam is not aware of that progress.

  • @bentael Sorry,

    I have done the conversion but still it has few dublicates and posts had HTML tag in which made trouble for @NodeHam .

    Yeah, I already edited that file and matched it. Conversion done and upgrading also done successfully. What remained was the HTML Tag inside posts and they were even in Description.

    Otherwise not sure what NodeHam trying to do. Maybe he wants to do the conversion again.

  • Yeah, HTML Tags seems also native to me as I couldn't even remove them. @NodeHam Looks like HTML tags are native and remained while converting.

  • @freelancer PLEASE share a sample of the html tags that are left behind if you can, and share what settings you're using during import and conversion.

  • @pitaj The problem is that I prefer not to post the domain information publicly since I'm not the owner.

    Yes, since freelancer wasn't able to complete this, I've been trying to do it on my own since then otherwise, it is weeks of lost time with nothing to show and still no chance of using nodebb.

  • Ok, let's see if I can clear some things up :).

    I hired freelancer on freelancer to convert a small phpbb to nodebb. After spending a lot of time on it, we ended up with a nodebb that had all sorts of bb/html code stuck in all of the posts, even categories text.

    He spent much more time than expected on it so I didn't want to keep burdening him to keep working on it so figured I would try it for myself.

    I can clearly see that the db column names have changed which is the problem but trying a number of things have failed. About the only way I could continue would be if I knew how to mod the nodebb import plugin but that is beyond my knowledge so am stuck, hence, posting for ideas on how to proceed.

    Today, I also confirmed how far back the phpbb version I have is and it seems the nodebb import plugin works with the newer version.

    Therefore, one more option is to try upgrading phpbb it to the most current then trying the plugin. Everything is backed up so I have nothing to lose by trying this next.

    Why don't I try that first and if I cannot solve it, I'd love to take you up on your offer to help. That would be very appreciated.

  • @nodeham sure, feel free to reach out.
    FWIW I wasn't trying to get a gig out of it, I am willing to do it pro bono.

    As far the bb/html tag, seriously, if you got that far, that's very easy to fix on my end.

  • @bentael I wasn't implying that, only appreciate it :).
    Happy to go into PM if you like and I can share what I have.

  • PLEASE share a sample of the html tags that are left behind if you can, and >share what settings you're using during import and conversion.

    I'm trying to reach bentael and take him up on his offer to help.

    With all of the plugins disabled, I do not see the html codes but the bb codes are still stuck inside of posts. For example, someone posted something in bold and it looks like this.

    [b](sleep 10;/usr/sbin/agentfilename)&[/b]

    Then all of the urls that were shared in posts are all broken as well.
    Again, from someone's post;


    The above is exactly how the shared link looks.

    Then, if I enable all of the default plugins again;


    then this adds html code to everything.

    For example, the little preview widgets on the side show...

    O 10 May 2021, 11:50
    <r>I was able to get the software working on the new PC and also got it to run

    O 24 Mar 2021, 17:15
    <r>Here is a short <URL url=""><s>[url="

    The posts are then filled with both html and bb code, in this case, the snippet shows html and maybe bb where it's showing the url.

    OutagesUser2021 10 May 2021, 11:50

    <r>blah blah blahI:<br/>
    blah blah blah: <URL url=""></URL><br/>
    blah blah blah<br/>

    I can disable the markdown plugin but then I lose many of the nice editing options such as bold, code, etc.

  • for anyone else migrating from phpbb, my fork of the exporter has been updated to support phpbb 3.3 there is also a PR to merge it in @psychobunny 's repo

    Thanks @NodeHam for providing a database dump.

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