Solved Expanded categories without plugin?

  • @phenomlab Hi, thank you for the offer. Will it be as simple as keeping it in the custom css section so it's not lost when we upgrade nodebb?

  • @nodeham not at all. It'll be custom CSS so will remain intact through upgrades. At the worst, we may have to customize one of the views although we can do this through the customizer plugin which will also remain intact through upgrades.

  • @NodeHam said

    In this case, maybe I'm not looking for the right terminology.
    Perhaps something like vertical subcategories instead of vertical 🤔

  • @nodeham Are you looking for something like this ?


    This is easy to achieve with the below CSS

    .categories .category-children, .category .category-children, .subcategory .category-children {
        display: grid;

    However, reading your initial post, this may not be what you're after. Let me know.

  • @phenomlab Yes, that's exactly what I was looking for.

    but I didn't know what terms to use as I'm not a designer but now understand and know what to look for.

    Thank you very much for sharing that.

    My next challenge is to learn if there is a way to change site wide text from one word or 'even phrases' from one to another :). Since the board was converted from a phpbb site, it left behind quite a mess that will have to be manually edited otherwise.

  • @nodeham You should look at the customizer plugin for that. However, if the text you want to change from one phrase to another is in posts, you'd need a plugin designed to do that - or, change the text in the database, then restore it using the replacement (this is actually faster, but not a simple job).

  • @phenomlab Yes, I definitely prefer dumping the database, editing then restoring but am new to mongodb so not sure how to do it yet. Was going to research that next but now seeing a lot of errors in the nodebb log after enabling the default plugins so have to work on that next.

    The conversion process sure adds a lot of extra work to changing forums but I'll try to look at this as my way to get knee deep into learning more about nodebb I guess.

  • @nodeham You know where to find me if you need help with this.

  • @phenomlab Since enabling the plugins from the list (just one theme of course), now I see html code in all of the posts plus the above.

    I definitely appreciate your offer to help. I'll try to solve these things or most on my own first and if I get stuck, I will update here.

    Very much appreciate the help. It makes wanting to use nodebb a much more positive experience, even working through these problems.

  • @nodeham Thank you for all of the help. I will start a new thread for the next problem I am seeing.

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