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    Is it possible to set user reputation via the write API?

    Alternatively, it is possible to bypass posting restrictions when posting via the write API?

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    You would need to make a plugin to listen for a socket event, and in the widget js send the needed data to verify the request server-side. After adjusting the reputation and sending the new rep back, you probably want to make a db key to record the last action taken, such as how core uses pid:x:upvote

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    @Master Is this due to a plugin that messed up reputation settings? (@pichalite, I believe, summarised this issue for me)... if so, then it looks like a custom script has to be written to re-calculate user reputation points based off of post voting history.

    Unfortunately, it is not something we can do for free (about $300 USD with proper testing, etc), so please contact us if you are interested.

    Perhaps @exodo can alter his script to accommodate your request?

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    @Joenel-de-Asis172 That is actually the best way to do it. 👍

    The other way would be to remove that html from the profile template in your theme. However, unless you are making your own custom theme, your changes may get overwritten when the theme updates.

    So CSS is the way to go.

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    Once you have 3 reputation that limitation is removed so you should be good now 🙂