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    Regardless of whether or not there's paid plugins in the future, I'd be willing to chip in $10 by paypal if/when each of these plugins get made:

    -**Comments **under replies (one layer only, not a big tree)
    -Answer **sorting **+ Best answer

    ...or any other super cool and useful plugins. If they get integrated into core, same thing to the devs I guess.

    Not that I have lots of cash ($90k in student loans and no savings 👎 ), but I want to see NodeBB keep making strides so that I can be the coolest forum admin on the block. What all plugins are in development or being thought of right now? I know tags and badges are.

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    @Kamal-Patel said:


    You mean sth. like this: gh#1556? seems like it got implemented 3h ago 😉

    Although nice action 👍

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    Yup, that's what prompted this! In the course of two hours late at night, tags got green-lit. It was...heart-warming 😛

    The devs here are a bit more open-minded than the last forum I tested out, and for that I am thankful. (not slamming that forum, just is more chill here)

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    Tags don't work for me. 😞 Get undefined when going to /tags and the composer window is a little borked.

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    @a_5mith Hehe, you're quick on the draw -- we fixed the composer CSS. Give it an f5.

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    I'm working on them badges, guess I'll be $10 richer in a few weeks ohoho 🙂

    EDIT: If you're serious about that, when I do get that badges plugin out, take that $10 and put that towards our next plugin competition 🙂

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    Don't spend it all in one place!

    By the way, would you guys consider having a paypal "donate" button on here to entice people to donate? In fact, people making cool plugins could sneakily add the "donate" tag to their posts 😛

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    @psychobunny @julian

    Lemme know where to paypal the $10 for tags! And I think @Schamper gets a lifetime contribution award although I haven't installed his plugins yet, so next time I get a paycheck...

    EDIT: I have two hovercards randomly hovering, but that's probably a known bug

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    I think a better idea would be for devs to consider coding a plugin that has a Free and a Pro version, like you see on WP. I'm actually looking forward to an ad placement plugin that will make it easy to add display ads anywhere on the forum that will refresh on every page activity. I need to start monetizing my traffic. Not that I have a whole lot at this time, but it will grow. There are WP plugins that go for between $20-$30 lifetime and the devs are making out like bandits.

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    To be honest, it will be nice to have donation option during this budding stage of NodeBB. Lot of paid plugins will simply drive people away. Xenforo already bears that bad name, low cost but needs lot of paid plugins.

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    @meetdilip xenforo is anything but low cost. For what you actually get it's not worth anything near the £350 that's needed to buy the software license and an add on, then you have to pay for updates every 6-12 months... Same goes for vbulletin too. Just vbulletin 5 released missing basic features and with huge amounts of bugs. Pretty rubbish really.

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    The one thing that may get in the way: NodeBB has a 1,000,000 times smaller customer base than Wordpress. So while a Wordpress dev can make a plugin and anticipate monetary returns, the same cannot be said here. That's why I'd rather donate for a while. But I'm sure there are alternate setups that also encourage growth, and perhaps are more efficient.

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    @Kamal-Patel said:

    NodeBB has a 1,000,000 times smaller customer base than Wordpress.

    True, but it will grow. People should not expect to make a killing right from the start. From a commercial bloggers perspective, I can tell you that the only obstacle to migration to NodeBB right now is there's no way to effectively monetize the traffic.

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    @planner Yup, it's probably for love now, perhaps money later. I know I can't force people to donate a couple bucks, but the NodeBB team is so cool and responsive (not in the mobile sense) that they deserve some cizzzzash.

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    If admins want to make money out of nodebb, a few ideas that we can always bounce around would include things like:

    Paid promoted posts (sticky and included in daily/weekly digests)
    Monetising @psychobunny ghost comments blog when it works with multiple blogs and Wordpress. 😄 (not sure on this one, maybe a subscription for each month they wish to use the comments or something.)
    Normal advertising through google.
    Inclusion within syndicate ads network and others that do similar things.

    There's not a lot of money in running forums and that sort of thing unless you can incorporate it with other things and make it more than just a social club.

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    @a_5mith said:

    I'll take the first two suggestions as jest.

    There's not a lot of money in running forums...

    Actually, there is. A popular forum is no different from a popular blog. You just have to run display ads from an ad provider to monetize the traffic.

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    @planner it depends on your audience. The majority of my users, me included use an ad blocker. It's just something I've grown accustomed to. Also no jest intended, each board is ran differently, you'd be amazed how many blogs and sites run promoted content every week.

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    Monetization re: adsense can already be achieved with this plugin, created by @dove 😄

    No word on 0.4.3/0.5 compatibility, but @dove is around often, so it should be fairly up to date...

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