Profile changes aren't saving

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  • When people (my administrator self included) try to edit their profile and click save changes, we get the popup saying "Success - Profile has been updated successfully!", but then you refresh and it's all still empty.

    Why could this be?

    using a custom theme, but not that much has changed.

  • @jim-bridger I'm wondering if this is the same issue I experience with multiple groups. Saving in the profile still only shows one even though multiple are being selected. I'm using the standard persona theme

  • Oh, I wonder if this is related to the fact the loading bar is constantly seen at the top. It never goes away like it's always loading, perhaps the missing piece of the puzzle.

    I just switched back to persona, and the profile saving actually seems to work now. So perhaps my theme needs to be adjusted?

    I'm using the slick theme, with a simple child theme that's just overwriting the categories page right now. Is it out of date? How do I even tell? Is there a way to fix it?

    Persona doesn't seem to have the quick reply feature, is that deprecated or something?

  • @jim-bridger not sure about slick as I stated using that but changed back to persona as it looked better for what I wanted. Saving seems to work fine for me with the exception of the badges

  • I discovered this was due to the theme slick, which seemed to be broken to me, as the form and input elements were missing multiple values, which didn't get loaded when save was clicked, so no information was sent. I made a child theme to fix it.

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