Add "transparent" drop-in option for Background color in Categories

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    In /admin/manage/categories/1 user can only choose between colors. If a drop-in option is too much of a work, there could be radio button called "Transparent" next to text "Background Color".

    I can't express myself enough how frustrating it is trying to adjust the theme whilst Javascript is forcing layout via hardcoding it to the source.

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    The background color of the theme icon? You can set them all to transparent pretty easily with an !important

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    Not the icon, but the category header background.

    Vanilla theme:

    <div id="category-1" class="category-header category-header-image-cover" title="" style="
    							background-color: #080382;
    						" data-original-title="Announcements regarding our community">```
    Using i.e. this does nothing:
    .category-header .category-header-image-cover {
        background-color: transparent !important;
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    @betro-hakala I don't even know what you want to be transparent. Also, if you are using Vanilla theme (not Persona) then the theme's options won't be in NodeBB Category options, those are completely different.
    Could you send a screenshot of what you want transparent? That would help us help you.

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