Tags endpoint does not display tags defined in the admin dashboard.

  • Hi guys, Using Nodebb v1.16.2, I am trying to display all tags defined in the dashboard to allow users to select tags.
    The endpoint returns only tags used in posts but misses the ones defined in the admin dashboard. Is this behavior expected?

    here's my curl request.

    curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer ******-4766-4ece-bc9c-46b3d62860d3' -v -i 'https://community.barqer.com/api/tags'

    And response:

    	"tags": [{
    		"value": "limping",
    		"score": 1,
    		"valueEscaped": "limping",
    		"color": "",
    		"bgColor": ""
    	}, {
    		"value": "aussie",
    		"score": 1,
    		"valueEscaped": "aussie",
    		"color": "",
    		"bgColor": ""
    	"displayTagSearch": false,
    	"nextStart": 100, ...

    Here are all the tags defined in the admin dashboard.alt text

  • NodeBB Admin

    /tags only displays tags if the tag is used in a topic. If you want to add additional tags there you can use filter:tags.build

  • @baris Thanks!

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