Scaling on 1.16.x requires redis - how to configure?

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    In order to connect to the MongoDB of my VPS by means of MongoDB Community Compass installed on my PC, I need to provide authentication: username, password and authentication database. Which credentials may I set here? The username admin and the authentication database admin, or the username nodebb and the authentication database nodebb? Also, what must I do with the connection configuration options "SRV Record", "Read Preference" and "SSL"? May I set something here?

    Néstor Llamas Llopis

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    I fixed my own issue. Apparently some install scripts fail when run as root (or with sudo). I'm not sure why this is the case, but I got everything to work by running sudo chown -R ralph:www-data /path/to/nodebb && ./nodebb upgrade as a standard user.

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    Happened on the MangoLassi community. Appears to have happened in someone's chat session. The result didn't bring down the forum, but did break some things like quotes and replies and we could no longer find the end of threads. But mostly the forum was intact. A restart fixed everything, and we've never seen this bug before. But didn't want to fail to report it, either.

    We are on NodeBB 1.10.2, all plugins fully up to date (and very few in general), and NodeJS 10.8.0.

    2018-11-02T15:50:41.288Z [14501] - error: /user/donahue/chats/2255 Error: [[error:no-privileges]] at /opt/mangolassi-1.0/src/controllers/accounts/chats.js:34:17 at nextTask (/opt/mangolassi-1.0/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:5324:14) at next (/opt/mangolassi-1.0/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:5331:9) at /opt/mangolassi-1.0/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:969:16 at /opt/mangolassi-1.0/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:2806:17 at /opt/mangolassi-1.0/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:473:16 at iteratorCallback (/opt/mangolassi-1.0/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:1064:13) at /opt/mangolassi-1.0/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:969:16 at Immediate._onImmediate (/opt/mangolassi-1.0/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:2799:21) at runCallback (timers.js:694:11) at tryOnImmediate (timers.js:664:5) at processImmediate (timers.js:646:5)
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    @ljhardy said in Upgrading to Nodebb v1.5.1:

    I'm using mongodb, why would sqllite be referenced?

    Um, you tell me 😄 That was the output in your installer script!

    output of npm i

    node scripts/install.js

    npm WARN prefer global [email protected] should be installed with -g

    [email protected] postinstall /home/ljhardy/public_html/nodebb/nodebb/node_modules/jsonpath
    node lib/aesprim.js > generated/aesprim-browser.js

    [email protected] install /home/ljhardy/public_html/nodebb/nodebb/node_modules/sqlite3
    node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build

    [sqlite3] Success: "/home/ljhardy/public_html/nodebb/nodebb/node_modules/sqlite3/lib/binding/node-v46-linux-x64/node_sqlite3.node" already installed
    Pass --update-binary to reinstall or --build-from-source to recompile

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    @PitaJ Thank you!

    I followed the steps and after v1.4.0 when I checked back into v1.x.x and ran ./nodebb upgrade I received this error now:

    error: Build failed: Unexpected character ''

    It seems i only get this on v1.4.4 I reverted back to v1.4.3 and it seems to be fine for now