Filter functions not showing in user list on ACP

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  • I seem to be missing the filter features on the user list, my ACP only shows the options to sort by name, email, etc. and inviting. The filter by Inactive, Reputation, etc. are missing.

    I'm running 1.16.2 and remember having at least some of the options on a previous version.

    Image 1 - What I see on 1.16.2 (Note: the "Filter by" option only has validated, not validated and banned):
    alt text

    Image 2 - What I expect to see (image from github):
    alt text

    Was this a change in 1.16.2 or a misconfiguration on my part?

  • @mimo Have the exact same page. So I think you did not misconfigurated something.

  • You can click on the headers in the table to change the sorting. Inactive filter was just displaying users who haven't logged in the past x months so you can change sorting to last online sorted by ascending and see inactive users.

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