Users Often Can't Reply (NodeBB 1.15.0/Redactor)

General Discussion
  • We have a self-hosted version of NodeBB 1.15.0. We use Redactor when users post, because our core audience are not the kind of folks who generally would "get" using markup.

    Over the last several weeks (and this does seem to have come up long after we upgraded to 1.15.0) users have been complaining that they cannot reply, as you can see in this thread on our forum

    Is this a known bug in 1.15.0? Does the latest version address this issue?

    Thanks in Advance for Any Info,

  • We highly recommend you stay up to date for the latest security fixes.

    This looks more like a cacheing issue though. You can try running a rebuild and restart, that should reset the cache buster.

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