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  • Hi!
    Is there any way to get the uploaded files meta data and show it in the topic?
    Ideally, I would like to create a sidebar which will show all the uploaded files from the current topic. And in this list I want to have:

    • file name
    • download link
    • file size
    • upload date

    Is it possible to make purely as a front-end function which will get this information from the NodeBB API?

  • @aleksei Sounds like potentially a cool idea. But also potential for abuse. For e.g. many forum admins invest significant effort to foil file scrapers, etc. and this could facilitate/exacerbate. Maybe mitigated to some degree by permission restrictions to logged in users but..... then the bots just create a sock puppet account.

    Another potential issue: long running threads sporting hundreds of images, etc. How to display? Could be a UX conundrum, eh?

    Hmmmm... Still could be interesting for some situations.

    Not a dev but will hazard a guess that this might should be a plugin rather than core front end function as you suggest. Sorry I cannot offer more targeted insights.

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