Issues after upgrading to 1.16.2

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    When I logged in to my Admin Panel it says:

    You are running NodeBB v1.13.0.

    A new version (v1.16.2) has been released. Consider upgrading your NodeBB.

    I completed the Upgrade Steps, however there is some serious issues:

    • Clicking Logout doesn't do anything

    • Calendar Entries, when you click on them in the Calendar, they don't pop up the Event Details anymore

    I have already tried doing a Rebuild & Restart, there was no change

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    @dcook what theme are you using?

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    @pitaj I am using Persona

    I also noticed another weird behavior after upgrading, if I don't logout as Admin normally after some time it expires and takes you back to the login page. Now since 1.16.2, it seems that the Admin session will still expire, however the page does not change and take you back to login page, you can see all the Admin buttons at the top, and only once you click them does it take you back to the login page to login again.

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