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  • Hello,

    In our NodeBB, in some case it's impossible for user to insert image
    It's had working during one year, but now, we have some errors since one month
    We use imgur plugin, the paramaters was not changed

    For changing avatar with an upload, you have this connexion error "you lost connexion, please wait connexion coming soon" (something like that)
    alt text

    For changing avatar with an url, you have on chrome "CORS configuration error"
    alt text

    or this "insecure error" on firefox :
    alt text

    When you upload an image with the composer edit, you hase also a "connexion error" like upload for avatar,
    but when you give an URL, you have no error, it's working.

    Since the begining of our forum, it was impossible to drag and drop an image in the composer edit, it's stay stuck and you have to quit the composer because The "send" button becomes greyed out, so you can't send the message anymore

    Thank's a lot for help

  • A connection error usually means there is a server side error, can you check the logs/output.log when uploading an image in the composer.

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