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    users' posts with negative votes · Issue #10233 · NodeBB/NodeBB

    users' posts with negative votes (worst posts) should be available on the profile options for admins...


    GitHub (

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    @julian hi,how can I install this on my home screen?In my mobile ,I can only open this forum by browser.

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    Our forum is in paginated form, so I was not aware of this function... I was writing for paginated design so everyone can use it, but apparently infinite scroll design is already using it...

    So, in this case my question will be about paginated forum...

    There are redundancy and lack of buttons..

    Arrows are:

    two << (up) or
    one < (up)


    two >> (down) or
    one > (down)

    two arrows takes you either to the first or last post of the topic... one arrow takes you previous or next posts...

    However there are already pagination, so you can go to first or last page with pagination anyway... with these settings there are no way you can go to the top of the page, or to the bottom of the page (I meant first post of the page not the topic or last post of the page not the topic), you have to scroll to the top or to the bottom...
    I think it will be more useful if two arrows take you to the top of bottom of the page rather than topic... If people wants to go to the first page or last page, they can do it using pagination anyway...

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    @julian even for the last edit, It will be a great addition, if you can specify message ("what was changed or why edit was made, etc.").
    Edit history is a bit overkill for general forum 😉

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    haha I think, just put all your comments in one place and we can try implementing them for the next theme. I really have a ridiculous habit of creating stuff and then dropping them later (ADHD when it comes to themes and plugins), so yeah. If you want, submit a PR for lavender 😛

    Just made this thread - let me know any ideas/suggestions 😉