What's your favorite TV series?

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  • In no particular order for me:

    -Parks and Rec
    -British The Office
    -Full Metal Alchemist
    -Game of Thrones

    This is where @Schamper 's poll plugin is going to SHINE

  • You'd have so many options, a poll would be huge.

    Strike Back
    Prison Break
    The Shield
    Orange is the new black
    Family Guy
    How did I forget breaking bad, best show on tv
    Probably others, but my watch list on the pi is long gone. 😞

  • @Kamal-Patel Nearly ready for release 🙂 After I wrap up some things (which I can probably do tonight), the core devs will probably want to review some of the code to be sure it works well enough for the community forums 😉

    Anyway, this is currently on my .. "watch" list. I don't watch all of this, and still have to watch most of this, and a lot of stuff I want to watch isn't on it yet. Some stuff I've finished watching is also still on this.
    Listy list

  • @Schamper @a_5mith

    It would be cool if a future poll iteration summarized results. Like if Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones etc each got a lot of votes, and the other twenty options got one a piece, then the other twenty options would all be summarized somehow to make the poll a reasonabley small size. Hmmm....

  • I don't watch much TV but my favourite would be The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad and cartoons like Family guy

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    The obvious clue bat here is that Flarum is based on PHP glue scripts. So you're always going to suffer that. No matter what. Mitigate? Sure. To various degrees. But yer' still sufferin'. NodeJS makes sense. Especially modern times. Warts? Indubitably. But as do all things. Take the good with the not so good.

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