What's your favorite TV series?

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  • In no particular order for me:

    -Parks and Rec
    -British The Office
    -Full Metal Alchemist
    -Game of Thrones

    This is where @Schamper 's poll plugin is going to SHINE

  • You'd have so many options, a poll would be huge.

    Strike Back
    Prison Break
    The Shield
    Orange is the new black
    Family Guy
    How did I forget breaking bad, best show on tv
    Probably others, but my watch list on the pi is long gone. 😞

  • @Kamal-Patel Nearly ready for release 🙂 After I wrap up some things (which I can probably do tonight), the core devs will probably want to review some of the code to be sure it works well enough for the community forums 😉

    Anyway, this is currently on my .. "watch" list. I don't watch all of this, and still have to watch most of this, and a lot of stuff I want to watch isn't on it yet. Some stuff I've finished watching is also still on this.
    Listy list

  • @Schamper @a_5mith

    It would be cool if a future poll iteration summarized results. Like if Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones etc each got a lot of votes, and the other twenty options got one a piece, then the other twenty options would all be summarized somehow to make the poll a reasonabley small size. Hmmm....

  • I don't watch much TV but my favourite would be The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad and cartoons like Family guy

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