Cannot login properly after forum update

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  • Hi! Need your help.
    I've just updated the forum to the latest version (1.15.x). And after that when I login on the site and enter account credentials correctly I'm not redirected to the forum page, but instead, I get an error in console:

    Cannot read property 'user' of undefined

    Cannot read property 'user' of undefined

    The issue looks like the one described here:
    But, in my case, removing node_modules folder and reinstalling all dependencies didn't help.
    Additionally, I cannot reach /admin page even when I'm authorized.

    Please, help. Couldn't find any solutions online.

  • Ok, the problem was solved. But I'm not sure how exactly.
    After I wrote this post I noticed that the latest version of NodeBB is 1.16.x. But while upgrading the forum i switched to 1.15.x branch (I thought that was the latest).
    After that, I used ./nodebb upgrade command. Maybe this was the issue? Maybe, I switched to the previous version branch, but installed the latest version of files with the "upgrade" command? — I don't really know. But when I switched to 1.16.x and upgraded the forum again, then it worked as expected. The forum now works fine.

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