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    The only thing that exists is the list of hooks:


    Node.js based forum software built for the modern web - Hooks ยท NodeBB/NodeBB Wiki


    GitHub (

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    I am writing a plugin.

    Can anybody pl. write the code pattern for this requirement of mine...

    When a logged in user enters some data, the backend should do the following in response:

    The user sends the data to the NodeBB backend in the following format:
    { key1: data-value1, key2: data-value2, ... }

    Get the user id of the user and check if the key1, key2, etc. already exists in the Mongo DB (the user's collection/document)

    If yes, overwrite the data

    If not, store the data

    Tell the client that the action has been taken

    Actually, it is quite simple if you're writing an app from the scratch. What I am looking for is the pattern/way the NodeBB is currently handling this scenario and I want to code using the same pattern.


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    @Bri said in MongoDB reliability called into question?:

    Something else I've been looking at are graph databases like Neo4j and Arango, and now I'm kind of anticipating that you're going to tell me that it's in the same boat (i.e. old tech with a new name)

    Nope, old with still with the old name ๐Ÿ™‚ Graph databases are known to go back to at least 1969.

  • MongoDB Structure

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    The structure looks not friendly at all.

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    Ah, nope. Thought you had a diagnostic tool to recommend. Our server guy just said it was flushed and that we needed to move away; "redis isnt built for that, we simply cant run it in production when mongo is compatible."

    Although you can rig redis to work, mongo is better for the usecase. We will need the flexibility with non-standard extensions we will be using.