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  • Hello! Please help me fix this error.

    When i'm installed imagemagick plugin, I can't upload any images via plugin imgur, forum shows error:

    Could not execute GraphicsMagick/ImageMagick: identify "-ping" "-format" "%wx%h" "/tmp/B5eUfPLisOEiFmq11e1eYtbh.jpg" this most likely means the gm/convert binaries can't be found

    NodeBB 1.14.3

  • @togan Do you have ImageMagick itself installed? What is the result when you drive this command?

    [foo@forums ~]# which convert

    Should return something akin to this:


    If not, then ImageMagick binaries are either not installed or installed to some atypical location that is not in your PATH. Speaking of which, just to be thorough, also test this command:

    [foo@forums ~]# echo $PATH

    Which should return something similar to:


    If ImageMagick is installed but not in your PATH then you need to adjust your PATH.

    The above is not meant to be exhaustive diagnosis. Could be other things. Please post relevant info like:

    1. NodeBB version
    2. NodeJS version
    3. Host distribution

    Cuz the helpers that may come after me will likely want such details. Good luck! o/

  • @gotwf

    NodeBB 1.14.3
    NodeJS 13.14.0
    Ubuntu 18.04

    which convert

    When enter this command nothing happens.

    echo $PATH


  • @togan said in Error (imagemagick + imgur):


    NodeBB 1.14.3
    NodeJS 13.14.0
    Ubuntu 18.04

    which convert

    When enter this command nothing happens.

    This is indicative of ImageMagick not being installed on your system. Else being installed in some non standard location unknown to Ubuntu, which I deem unlikely. You need to ensure ImageMagick is indeed installed and its binary actually available for the image-magick plugin to call. So... Heh... Been a while since I did Debian derivatives, but try driving this command:

    apt install ImageMagick

    Iirc, if:

    1. ImageMagic is not installed, apt should prompt you confirm that you do, indeed, wish to install it.

    2. ImageMagick is somehow, already installed, apt should ask for confirmation for reinstall.

    In either case, select "y".

    Good luck. o/

  • @gotwf I'm use this command:

    apt-get install git build-essential imagemagick

    Now all works! Thank you! 🙂

  • @togan Cool. Glad you got it working. 😎

    Have fun and enjoy NodeBB! 🌻

    P.S.; For future reference, the Technical Support Category is a better fit for queries such as this, as the "bug" was configuration side, not NodeBB itself. ✌

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