Oauth and FusionAuth - undefined callback url

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  • @julian thanks for the follow-up! I actually didn’t had a look because I
    wasn’t aware of it and also because the FusionAuth was just a test platform to practice before trying to interface with 10duke.

    I’ll have a look at the plugin but do you have any remarks or comments about my setup? Did I overlooked something?

    Cheers, R

  • GNU/Linux

    @knickknack Hm, in that case, you'd have to look at the server-side logs and see what is output... undefined isn't a particularly helpful error, unfortunately.

  • Hi @Julian, thanks for helping here.

    Find below the log obtained by running nodeBB in dev mode under the following steps:

    • clear cookies on firefox
    • start FusionAuth server
    • start nodeBB server
    • go to Login page
    • use credentials from FusionAuth users
    • on credentials being authenticated get the error page

    What it looks like to me is that nodeBB can process the URL specified in the callback and it's unable to move further.

    Cheers, R

    $ ./nodebb dev
    NodeBB v1.14.3 Copyright (C) 2013-2014 NodeBB Inc.
    This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.
    For the full license, please visit: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
    Clustering enabled: Spinning up 1 process(es).
    2020-10-22T09:50:25.980Z [4567/4301] - verbose: * using configuration stored in: /home/standarduser/nodebb/config.json
    2020-10-22T09:50:26.078Z [4567/4301] - info: Initializing NodeBB v1.14.3 http://localhost:4567
    2020-10-22T09:50:26.078Z [4567/4301] - verbose: * using mongo store at
    2020-10-22T09:50:26.079Z [4567/4301] - verbose: * using themes stored in: /home/standarduser/nodebb/node_modules
    2020-10-22T09:50:28.317Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [minifier] utilizing a maximum of 3 additional threads
    2020-10-22T09:50:28.477Z [4567/4301] - verbose: Checking dependencies for outdated modules
    2020-10-22T09:50:28.991Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [notifications.init] Registering jobs.
    2020-10-22T09:50:28.992Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [user/jobs] (Re-)starting user jobs...
    2020-10-22T09:50:28.994Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [user/jobs] Starting job (digest.daily)
    2020-10-22T09:50:28.996Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [user/jobs] Starting job (digest.weekly)
    2020-10-22T09:50:28.998Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [user/jobs] Starting job (digest.monthly)
    2020-10-22T09:50:28.999Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [user/jobs] Starting job (reset.clean)
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.000Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [user/jobs] 4 jobs started
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.001Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [emailer] Setting up SMTP fallback transport
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.087Z [4567/4301] - info: [themes] Using theme nodebb-theme-persona
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.088Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Initializing plugins system
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.124Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [emailer] Built custom email templates
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.199Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-plugin-composer-default
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.203Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-theme-persona
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.245Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-plugin-markdown
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.325Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-plugin-mentions
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.329Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-widget-essentials
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.333Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-rewards-essentials
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.337Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Found 3 sound file(s) for plugin nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.338Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.417Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-plugin-emoji
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.437Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-plugin-emoji-android
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.453Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.456Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-plugin-custom-pages
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.458Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:sanitize.config
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.459Z [4567/4301] - info: [plugins] Plugins OK
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.459Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] static:assets.prepare
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.460Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] static:app.preload
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.462Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] static:app.load
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.506Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] action:markdown.updateParserRules
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.513Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [emoji] Building emoji assets
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.513Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:emoji.packs
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.535Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [emoji] Loaded packs {"0":"a","1":"n","2":"d","3":"r","4":"o","5":"i","6":"d"}
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.571Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins] All plugins reloaded and rerouted
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.572Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:auth.init
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.625Z [4567/4301] - info: Routes added
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.628Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [meta/blacklist] Loading 0 blacklist rule(s)
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.629Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:flags.getFilters
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.629Z [4567/4301] - info: NodeBB Ready
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.630Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] action:nodebb.ready
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.631Z [4567/4301] - info: Enabling 'trust proxy'
    2020-10-22T09:50:29.634Z [4567/4301] - info: NodeBB is now listening on:
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.334Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [middleware/autoLocale] Retrieves languages list for middleware
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.338Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.getSettings
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.339Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.notificationTypes
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.356Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:config.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.359Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:middleware.buildHeader
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.369Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] action:middleware.pageView
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.370Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] response:router.page
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.381Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:privileges:isUserAllowedTo
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.382Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:privileges:isUserAllowedTo
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.392Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:topic.getFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.394Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:privileges:isUserAllowedTo
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.394Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:privileges:isUserAllowedTo
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.395Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:privileges.topics.filter
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.395Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:topic.getFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.398Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:post.getFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.400Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.whitelistFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.403Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.getFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.404Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:users.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.405Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:parse.post
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.450Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:teasers.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.453Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:categories.build
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.454Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:middleware.render
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.455Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:meta.getMetaTags
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.455Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:meta.getLinkTags
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.461Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:widget.render:html
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.469Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.whitelistFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.473Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.whitelistFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.476Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:middleware.renderFooter
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.476Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:topics.getUnreadTids
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.476Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:scripts.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.477Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.getFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.477Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.getFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.478Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:users.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.479Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:users.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.480Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:privileges:isUserAllowedTo
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.480Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:privileges.global.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:38.484Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:middleware.renderHeader
    2020-10-22T09:50:41.241Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] static:sockets.validateSession
    2020-10-22T09:50:41.288Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [middleware/autoLocale] Retrieves languages list for middleware
    2020-10-22T09:50:41.294Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] action:middleware.pageView
    2020-10-22T09:50:41.294Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] response:router.page
    2020-10-22T09:50:41.299Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:login.build
    2020-10-22T09:50:41.299Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:middleware.render
    2020-10-22T09:50:41.300Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:meta.getMetaTags
    2020-10-22T09:50:41.300Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:meta.getLinkTags
    2020-10-22T09:50:41.303Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:config.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:41.308Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:widget.render:html
    2020-10-22T09:50:44.324Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [middleware/autoLocale] Retrieves languages list for middleware
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.640Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [middleware/autoLocale] Retrieves languages list for middleware
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.938Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:error.handle
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.938Z [4567/4301] - error: /auth/fusionauth/callback
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.939Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:config.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.939Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:middleware.buildHeader
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.945Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:500.build
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.945Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:middleware.render
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.945Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:meta.getMetaTags
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.946Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:meta.getLinkTags
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.948Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:widget.render:html
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.950Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.whitelistFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.951Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.whitelistFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.952Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:middleware.renderFooter
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.952Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:topics.getUnreadTids
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.952Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:scripts.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.953Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:privileges:isUserAllowedTo
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.953Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.getFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.953Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:user.getFields
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.954Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:privileges.global.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.954Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:users.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.954Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:users.get
    2020-10-22T09:50:51.955Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [plugins/fireHook] filter:middleware.renderHeader
    2020-10-22T09:50:52.828Z [4567/4301] - verbose: [middleware/autoLocale] Retrieves languages list for middleware
    2020-10-22T09:51:03.122Z [4567/4301] - info: [app] Shutdown (SIGTERM/SIGINT) Initialised.
    2020-10-22T09:51:03.130Z [4567/4301] - info: [app] Web server closed to connections.
    2020-10-22T09:51:03.130Z [4567/4301] - info: [app] Live analytics saved.
    2020-10-22T09:51:03.141Z [4567/4301] - info: [app] Database connection closed.
    2020-10-22T09:51:03.141Z [4567/4301] - info: [app] Shutdown complete.
  • Hiya,

    I'm a FusionAuth employee and saw this come up.

    It looks like you have nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth installed, but from the github page, it looks like this is not a fully functioning plugin:

    "Please note that this is not a complete plugin, but merely a skeleton with which you can create your own OAuth SSO plugin for NodeBB (and hopefully share it with others!)"


    It looks like you configured library.js as mentioned in the github readme? Can your share those settings changes (with anything secret obscured, of course)? Just want to make sure the config is set up correctly.

    An alternative to try would be the fusionauth nodebb plugin, but it sounds like you really want the SSO plugin to work since you're planning to go to production against 10duke.


  • Hi @mooreds, thanks a lot for looking into this!

    The changes I've done in the code are visible in my very first post where I've linked my GitHub repo where the changes have been pushed. I think that FusionAuth just give the proper authorisation but then when the ball rolls back to nodeBB something in the plugin goes...well.. wrong.
    If you can double check them that would be awesome because I'm completely stuck.

    Cheers, R

  • @knickknack

    ah, sorry, I missed that you'd linked to your github repo.

    Hmmm. An easy thing to troubleshoot would be to just put console.log statements throughout your plugin. That is what I would do first, as that would narrow down the area that is causing the issue.

    The oauth2 endpoints look good here: https://github.com/rgigante/nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth/blob/master/library.js

    But the profile information looks a bit suspect. From git blame it looks like you didn't change that.

    This page documents the profile data you'll get back, so I think you need to update the profile information extraction section.

    Here's how the fusionauth plugin does this: https://github.com/FusionAuth/nodebb-plugin-fusionauth-oidc/blob/master/library.js#L91


  • I don't know exactly what your end goal is, and how you will interface with 10duke, but I will note - in case it wasn't understood, you don't have to use FusionAuth to use the FusionAuth NodeBB OIDC plugin.

    We chose to use NodeBB for the FusionAuth community forum, and we wanted to contribute our work back to the NodeBB community... and because we wanted our users to login using FusionAuth. 😁

    We started with the plugin that @julian published, and just extended it a bit, added OIDC features and made the configuration available in the NodeBB UI. There isn't anything in the code that is unique or custom for FusionAuth.

    It should work with any OAuth2/OIDC IdP, if you find that it does not, open a bug and we'll be happy to fix it for you! This is sort of our specialty! https://github.com/FusionAuth/nodebb-plugin-fusionauth-oidc

    As @julian mentioned - w/out a bit more debug, hard to say what is happening. It would be nice to know what module is logging the error:

    2020-10-22T09:50:51.938Z [4567/4301] - error: /auth/fusionauth/callback
  • GNU/Linux

    What I will say is that the sso-oauth plugin, as @mooreds mentioned, is not meant to be complete, there's a bit of customizing that needs to be done before you can use it.

    What it should do out of the box once you enter your IDs and keys in the code (ideally not in the code, but using env vars)... is send you to the authentication endpoint, and bounce you back to NodeBB, where you should get a pre-defined error message saying "this is as far as this plugin will go":


  • @julian said in Oauth and FusionAuth - undefined callback url:


    This gave me an idea...

    @KnickKnack in your version of the plugin - can you just print out what the data value is that is passed into the OAuth.parseUserReturn?

    Looks like you can just un-comment this line:

    The UserInfo response in OIDC (which is what FusionAuth will be returning) will looks like this:

      "applicationId": "90c2fca8-d6b3-4af4-9a70-25cfde3f237f",
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "name" : "John Doe",
      "roles": [ "role 1", "role 2" ],
      "sub": "6ad9fa59-dee2-475b-861b-43d7cb75b899"

    This can vary depending upon your user, etc. See more here: UserInfo endpoint

    If you're not getting to this point, then the callback is not being handled and it has not yet exchanged the auth code for the token and you're likely failing in the main strategy.


  • Thanks a lot everybody for the contributions to this discussion!

    Your recommendations were all useful to better understanding the plugin and finally realise a prototype against 10Duke.

    Cheers, R

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