• Hey everyone!

    I'm still playing with building Plugins for nodebb.
    So I used the YouTube API to get some links and data to play with.

    How is it possible to push the data to the frontend received by the backend in nodebb?

    I have data in Variables:

    let videoID = data.items[i].id.videoId;
    let videoURL = "https://youtube.com/watch?v=" + data.items[i].id.videoId;
    let videoTitle = data.items[i].snippet.title;

    I want this data to send out to the frontend like:


    Can you give me sime tips or some links to archive back/frontend rendering?

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  • @pasib where do you want it to show up? You could render it to a new route or as a widget.

  • @PitaJ I want to display it on a existing page e.g on users profile page.

    What do I have to to, to add it to an existing route? E.g /user/pasib

    Could you give me some links, or a little example how I cant add a simple backend variable to the frontend. 🙂

    Thank you

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