• Hello,
    I use NodeBB in https://pythonforum.ir and one of issues I have in this post for example.
    As you see I use Persian language which is an RTL language and it's fine. But when I want to quote or post a new topic with quote which is in an LTR language like English, the quoted text is RTL.
    This is what I meant that you can see and search it in the above post:

    Hello Everyone, My Name Is Saeed And I’M Glad To Meet You There. Let’S Learn Python Together In This Website. Be Happy

    But if I quote in Persian, it is RTL and fine.

    I may find a JavaScript code to automatically detect and change the direction of the text, the thing like Google Translate or some other websites use. But are there any built-in features for this issue? Or I should add that code myself?

    Thanks in advance.

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