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  • In the session sharing admin screen, there is option "Don't automatically create NodeBB accounts for unrecognized users", which has this as description "By default, an unrecognized user id found in a payload cookie will have a local NodeBB account automatically created for it. If enabled, that cookie will not resolve into a session and that client will remain a guest."
    I assumed there is a case where there is a recognizable user id that can be used by session sharing to associate to existing nodebb account. Is there a way to create (via write API?) nodeBB account that can be used by session sharing?

    As far as I know, session sharing uses "unique id" (passed in to JWT token as "id") to find existing user created via session sharing

    My question is, what's the right way to pre-create nodeBB account to be used by session sharing?

    I've tried using write API, but session-sharing create a new account instead of using the one created by write API
    I've tried to open connection to (using java's urlConnection) and send cookie, but it doesn't work - I think I need to go to specific URL for this to work

    Can you please help me?


  • @budisetiawan Hm, that is a good question.

    I added that option because someone wanted the ability to stop new registrations from being made after a certain point, so I assume they just enabled that option after they were finished adding users.

    How are you creating the user via Write API? If they have the same email as a session-sharing user, the plugin will automatically associate that user with the pre-created account.

    You can either use Write API to create the account, or do so manually in the ACP.

  • @julian
    I should have tried associating by email address
    I tried it just now and it works

    thanks and great job on NodeBB

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