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    ./nodebb reset -p <plugin name>

    You can list active plugins with

    ./nodebb plugins

    And it does have a help screen

    ./nodebb --help
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    I need some advice in connecting small sails.js app with nodeBB. In my sails.js application I need to get current logged user. I set sails.js session id key to express.sid (as in nodeBB), and configured it to use nodeBB collection as session storage. Then I can query for user id by session id (also from nodeBB storage). It is almost what I need to, but I can't get through some problems

    nodebb and sails app have to be on same domain when user visits sails app first, then nodeBB sets another session id and sessions are different on both apps when user logs in nodeBB, gets new session id and also, sessions are different on both apps

    Maybe OAuth is best way to go?

    PS. Thanks for nodeBB, great work!

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    @a_5mith - thanks! yes the front page logo is in the works and should be updated shortly.

    @julian - thanks! yes the official way should always be a native install, using LXC or Docker makes it simpler and faster to launch, and provides added flexibility in deployment, but there should be some understanding of how the components work together which a native install, which can be also be done in an LXC container like we do, gives users. We are definitely going to look at how we can integrate github into our current build process.

    LXC has been baking since 2009, was merged into the kernel around 2.6.32 and has been mainly developed by a team led by Daniel Lezcano, Serge Halyn and Stephane Graber. Its an Ubuntu supported project since 2012. Serge and Stephane work for Ubuntu. LXC provides container management tools and container OS templates. Here is a video walk through of LXC

    Docker was based on the LXC project untill 0.9 when it switched to its own engine libcontainer, though users can still choose LXC as the underlying container engine.

    Docker containers and LXC containers are a bit different. Docker uses containers to build an app delivery platform and abstracts the container away to an app, while LXC gives you a full Linux environment like a lightweight VM, with some caveats.

    However due to the low profile of the LXC project, a lot of users first introduction to containers may have been Docker, and there are some misconceptions and a lot of users will be surprised by the flexibility and usability of LXC without the constraints of Docker.

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    @avi Depends, NodeBB connects using oAuth2, so if you can support that. Yes.

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    I'm running into the exact same issue as yourself, is there an update on how this can be fixed?