• Is there such a thing as a Zaiper integration that can work with NodeBB? I didn't see any apps available for NodeBB in Zapier, but figured I would check here to see if there's a workaround available.

    My goal is to send out an automatic email invite to new users in my community, so they can join a private group within my forum. This could be triggered by a number of things (making a purchase, signing up for an email list, etc). It doesn't seem to be a problem finding the trigger... but I'm not able to find a way to automate anything within my NodeBB forum.

    Is there a way to do this (or maybe a creative way to make it work by using other apps that do work within Zapier)?

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    @retipster Zapier (or IFTTT) brings to mind our "Rewards" logic in NodeBB. It's rather rudimentary for now, but it could work with some tweaks?

    ACP > Extend > Rewards

    We could, for example, update the list of actions to include a "send an email" action, with customizable text.

    That said, the triggers themselves look like they're coming from outside of NodeBB, right? That does complicate things.

    The traditional approach here would be a custom integration with the NodeBB Write API, so you can do things like add users to groups, etc.


    ☝ This requires a developer, though.

  • @julian

    We could, for example, update the list of actions to include a "send an email" action, with customizable text.

    The ability to send an email reward with customizable text would probably open up some possibilities for other forum admins, but in my case, this would only be useful if the trigger is coming from outside of NodeBB, like you said (if they're already a registered member, then any of the existing actions would presumably be sufficient to get their attention... the idea behind the email is to reach someone who isn't part of the community yet).

    It sounds like I'll have to get with my developer for this one... however, the whole purpose behind this automation is so that I can send out email invites to outsiders so they can join a private group (per this other thread), so we'd have to get that squared away first before this automation step makes any sense to work on. I'll email you about this shortly. 🙂

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    @retipster awesome, looking forward to your email 👍

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