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  • Hi, sorry, I am not very experienced with nodejs.
    I see the following error below.

    ERROR in ./src/ui/EditorToolbarConfig.js
        Module build failed (from ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib/index.js):
        SyntaxError: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/prosemirror12/src/ui/EditorToolbarConfig.js: Unexpected token (166:13)
          164 |     '[image] Insert image': [
          165 |       {
        > 166 |         lang('Insert image by URL'): IMAGE_FROM_URL,

    I have written a separate js file i18.js:

    let lang_list = {}
    lang_list['en'] = {'Insert Table...': 'Insert Table...',
                      'Fill Color...': 'Fill Color...',}
    lang_list['zh'] = {'Insert Table...': 'Insert Table...',
                      'Fill Color...': 'Fill Color...',
                      'Border Color....': 'Border Color....'}
    export default function Lang(text) {
        if (text in lang_list['zh']) {
          return lang_list['zh'][text]
        return text

    and I wish to load this file in here EditorToolbarConfig.js:

    import Lang from './i18n';
    export const COMMAND_GROUPS = [
       Lang( 'Insert image by URL'): FontTypeCommandMenuButton,
       Lang( '[format_size] Text Size'): FontSizeCommandMenuButton,

    For some reason, I see the error above.


  • This is not a forum for general Node.js assistance. This forum is the community forum for the Node-based forum software, NodeBB.

  • I see. Thank you

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