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    Hi @Redbeanw44602! Thanks for voicing your concerns.

    In this particular change, the behaviour is only applied if explicitly enabled by the site admin. The default behaviour is unchanged: guests and regular users without email confirmed are able to browse the forum equally.

    In the case where an admin wants to gate content behind email verification, they can also opt to use the verified-users privilege group.

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    Link the theme into node_modules with npm link and then use grunt to watch changes and rebuild automatically.

  • csfr Templating Issue

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    { "id": "nodebb-theme-sinfulshadows", "library": "./lib/theme.js", "hooks": [{ "hook": "static:app.load", "method": "init" }, { "hook": "", "method": "addAdminNavigation" }, { "hook": "filter:config.get", "method": "getThemeConfig" }, { "hook": "", "method": "addUserToTopic" }, { "hook": "filter:user.customSettings", "method": "customSettings" }, { "hook": "action:user.saveSettings", "method": "saveSettings" }, { "hook": "filter:user.getSettings", "method": "getSettings" }, { "hook": "filter:meta.getLinkTags", "method": "getLinkTags" } ], "scripts": [ "lib/sinfulshadows.js", "lib/modules/slideout.min.js", "lib/modules/bootstrap.min.js", "lib/modules/dataTables.bootstrap4.min.js", "lib/modules/jquery-3.2.1.min.js", "lib/modules/jquery.countdown.min.js", "lib/modules/jquery.dataTables.min.js", "lib/modules/jquery.easypiechart.min.js", "lib/modules/jquery.mb.YTPlayer.min.js", "lib/modules/jquery.sticky.js", "lib/modules/lightbox.js", "lib/modules/morris.min.js", "lib/modules/notification.js", "lib/modules/owl.carousel.min.js", "lib/modules/popper.min.js", "lib/modules/prettify.js", "lib/modules/raphael-2.1.0.min.js", "lib/modules/select2.full.min.js", "lib/modules/select2.min.js", "lib/modules/summernote-bs4.js", "lib/modules/switchery.min.js", "lib/modules/core.js", "lib/chats.js", "lib/quickreply.js" ], "acpScripts": [ "lib/admin.js" ], "templates": "./templates" }

    I had actually fixed this, I did this by just removing most the custom JS scripts I was trying to load... the JS not loading when require.js tries to load it is the reason that template brings up a CSFR issue, its obviously erroring some JS that is required to send the data correctly?

    Either way I knew that removing all the JS would resolve it, but was interested in exactly what error and what in the main themes is responsible for making sure csfr is right.

    (Also I read about jQuery not being able to be included twice? also need to see how templates treat jQuery plugins and how to link them without an issue)

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    @HolyPhoenix Thanks for catching that typo (I edited my comment, just now). I had correctly tried @psychobunny 's approach without luck but then typed it incorrectly.

    I found this post from @baris ( that says the .get('name') approach has been deprecated and that this style is current:
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    Very nice 😎