Error installing NodeBB with Mongo

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  • I'm not able to finish NodeBB installation using MongoDB. After this:

    Now configuring mongo database:
    prompt: MongoDB connection URI: (leave blank if you wish to specify host, port, username/password and database individually)
    Format: mongodb://[username:password@]host1[:port1][,host2[:port2],...[,hostN[:portN]]][/[database][?options]]:

    I get this: error: uncaughtException: Cannot read property 'value' of null
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null

    MongoDB is running normally.
    I have tested with MongoDB version 4.0.19 and version 4.2. None of them worked...

    No problem installing with Redis.

    Could anyone help me with this?

  • Do you get the error when you leave the connect URI blank and press enter? What version of nodejs? I tested just now on latest master and worked fine on mongodb.

  • @baris thank you for replying. I get this error leaving the connect URI blank or filling it. My installed nodejs version is 12.18.3. What's your NodeBB and MongoDB version?

  • MongoDB 4.2.7, nodejs 14.6.0, latest master from nodebb repo.

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