• Swedes

    Is there a safe way to clear the post history for db optimize. I know I can disable post history but its nice to have it enabled.

    A clear function would be nice or "clear all except x posts"

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Hm... to be honest I never really thought about implementing a function like this purely because the post diffs themselves don't take up a large portion of the database (unless, of course, someone's making thousands of edits to a single post 🤷)

    Could be part of a "cleanup" admin page, but honestly it's not really that urgent to leave it around, no? 😄

    Are you on Redis or Mongo? There is likely a command you can just run to clean it all up.

  • Swedes

    Using mongodb, but its kinda dangerous with raw queries. Need to make backup first.

    Maybe add a low prio TODO for a "cleanup" admin page 😉

  • Swedes

    How is the data for post history stored, any tips on making this manual query?

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