• Is there a plugin or feature to allow a moderation note on a post? Say a moderation action or footnote for an edit?

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    • If so you'd likely find it here https://github.com/NodeBB-Community/

    • If not: I have not had much of a use case for such (could count instances on one hand) I just append to the post following a "Moderator Note:" in italics or bold, e.g.;

      Note: A mod commented on this post thusly.

    Maybe not the droids you were looking for but better than a sharp stick in the eye, eh?


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    Hm... not specifically. We don't have any facility built in for adding metadata to posts out of the box.

    However, the closest thing I can think of is a flag note, which can be associated with a post... sort of.

    That is, someone can flag a post, and then in that flag, you can append notes. They're only visible from the flags page, though (/flags)

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