Product instead of Text (Think Product Hunt)

  • I want to keep the forum messages but instead of posting only messages I want the user to be able to post a product that he wants to build (think Product Hunt).
    Essentially it would be a form rather than a simple message. In that form the user can post a video, a picture, different descriptions etc...

    How do I do this ? Do I build a widget, a plugin ? or did somebody already built this for Nodebb ?

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    I think that's a rather specific use-case, and so we don't support anything like that out-of-the-box (wouldn't it be great, though?)

    I think perhaps you might want to consider writing a separate page on your site with the form submission, and on submit, using the write-api to post it to NodeBB.

  • @julian - I am happy to develop this and make it available to the community.... With a little bit of guidance. Let me know if it is of Interest to you. Nodebb has a lot of the functionality we want to use

    In other words, we would have a block with multi entry and when user want to drill on this new type of block he can see something like this:

    Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 11.31.38 AM.png

  • I have a lot of engineers... so Happy to do this for the community.
    It would also be a great enhancement to the product as it would allow to create block that are different from message thread.

  • @Yann-Kronberg @julian any feedbakc on this ?

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    Well, the first thing you'd want to do is check out the Quickstart plugin which should get you started... quickly 😉

    Your next step would be to override the "new topic" buttons so they'd open a modal for the form, instead of opening the composer. I'd use bootstrap for the modal itself.

    Then you'd use to send the request to create the topic, or if you want to use your own route, then you'd set up your own endpoint to execute your own logic for things like verification of fields, etc.

    Of course, this is all very high level... can drill down as necessary 🙂

  • @julian This should get us started.

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