A tip for custom color picking for categories

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  • From time to time, I check other NodeBB sites to get some ideas... I sometimes see people use custom colors for their categories, but colors in the forum are not compatible with each other in terms of toning...

    So, if you want to customize colors in the forum, I recommend using the website below for color picking... You can pick whatever color you like, but if you want to use for example tone at 400 for green, use 400 for other colors too...

    Overall, using the same tone for different colors will create more aesthetically pleasant pages...

    Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 1.50.19 PM.png

  • This one ain't too bad either, you can create palettes and is very hands on too

    +you can apply various type of colour blindness filters to the palette to simulate how it might be perceived.

  • People might also want to test out what level their colour perception is and have some fun too, it probably helps to have a great monitor for any screen based tests.

    *This one was fun! It tests for tone, not colour blindness, so if people find this one hard (compare scores if you like) it might explain, colour choices for some - https://www.igame.com/eye-test/index-en.html

    Not specifically promoting any game website, purely link to illustrate the point.

  • @omega it was fun 🙂 24 correct 3 wrong... it is also frustrating to see how bad I am at distinguishing 😄

    but women overall should score way better than man since color seeing cell information is carried on X-chromosome...

  • I got 33 = Robot! 🤖

    This is also find (what have I started) you can check you colourblindness, you need ot give email info to get results - https://www.eyeque.com/color-blind-test/

  • Even within the creative communities as such, there are not as many people who are good with colour as there are with shape and form. Within the creative world, there are indeed oddballs who shift into their own subset, colour sure is one of those.

    We all stare at screen so much it is refreshing to see great art with incredible colour, great art needs no words to describe, if you are moved, it is Art.

    If you find you have to read up about it because you are "confused" it is not, Art.

    If you can not trust your own instincts, who can you trust!? 🙂

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