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  • sad,

    does not work either...


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    @sharonyue Boo Hiss!! Well, nothing obvious so looks like somebody smarter than me is requisite for this one. ;(

    Hmm... one last thing. Here's a netstat from Centos:

    tcp        0      0*               LISTEN     
    tcp6       0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN     
    tcp6       0      0 ::1:25                  :::*                    LISTEN     

    The first one is ipv4 while the last two ipv6. From your netstat I am unsure if your solr is listening to ipv4, as those multiple colons tend point to ipv6.

    That you can telnet localhost would indicate things should work but I've no clue what NodeBB may be doing internally w.r.t. that stuff, so maybe a possibility?

  • @gotwf This problem is way out or my ability. I have no knowledge of ipv4 something... Thank you anyway. I will wait a few more days to see if someone can come up a solution. I hope 🙂

  • I checked my old server. It runs tomcat and a quite old solr version. Everything is fine.

    I guess the solr plugin can be only used by combining tomcat+solr, or it is not compatible with latest solr? I am not sure.

    @julian Do you have any comments on it?

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    The solr plugin works on any solr instance, as it just interfaces via port.

    If you can't get the connection icon to go green, check the hostname, port, or subfolder.

  • After a very heavy work. Finally I made it work:

    1. Ubuntu 18 enables ipv6 as default, please follow this instruction as written to disable it. link text

    2. Download an old version of solr (I am using solr-5.3.0), I verified solr-8 does not work. Run it. Here is the settings:

    It should be noted that I am not sure if the first step is necessary. Since I did it, but it does not work. Then I downgrade solr, it works.

    Hope it helps the others, especially those who are using the latest Ubuntu and Solr. Have fun!!


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    @sharonyue Ha! Was suspicious of the ipv6 stuff. But seems likely more to do with plugin's Solr version compatibility. Would be nice if someone more knowledgeable than I could help tease this out.

    In any event, glad you got it sorted! And now that you have, I would be interested in follow up reports as to Solr's effectiveness, especially compared and contrasted with NodeBB's builtin search. I am guessing you are preferring Solr due to better multilingual support?


  • @gotwf Yes. My forum is in Chinese so I must use solr. dbsearch does not support Chinese as you know so I use solr. And I found the searching results is satisfactory. Why do you use solr? The drawback of solr is just it costs too much memory. But I can accept that.

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    @sharonyue An alternative is to use something like elasticsearch. There is a nodebb plugin for it and it is a fork of solr, so it should work similarly 🙂

  • Yes I found that It looks it is not updated lately 😊

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