Dilemma when I move existing nodebb to another server

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    After I move the database to another testing server, it runs good.

    The problem is the Emailing system (maybe it should not be called a problem). For example: if some user follows me, when I post something in the testing server, this user will receive an Email and this Email directs the user to the testing server. But at current stage, this server should be tested and I DO NOT want any user come into this testing server or post any thread there. But in order to make the testing server fully prepared, I need to move the database. Without the database, it cannot be fully tested and prepared.

    It looks a dilemma. Do you have a suggestion for me?

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    Why not disable emails on the test server?

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    @PitaJ Yes.... Forgive my stupid question.......AhAhAhAh..

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